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Is your music perfect?

You think everything well established in the scheduler, you are doing everything at best, nothing to do, so satisfied? If you are the No1, and the others all well behind don't read further.

We will beat you, Hon. Maybe the wise ones feel that there are some reserves. Maybe the music could be better. Even if you are the No1, there could be something that would make you even better. This is normal, you are right. I cannot promise You that P!nk will sing a song just for Your Station [I tried once but failed - on the exclusive part :)] but there is a lot one can do to improve music. Even your music scheduler consultant is able to oversee things, and sometimes your current practice is not matching to market demands. Do not worry it is normal - while you are fighting against this.

Music Scheduling as a Science

Well, for example, integrating market related statistical facts into your daily playlist(s) is a real challenge. It is very hard to sum it up in some sentences, but imagine: your music staff has AMTs, Call Outs, Online research, competitor playlists, web info, new releases, LAB, and so on. But the clock remains 60 minutes long. The programing girls and boys have to set the content accordingly, considering these factors, creating perfect rotation, artist appearance and so on. If you rely on your own, this is not funny.

Music Scheduling as an Art

Ooh, programming and music people love this! As I have heard several times: radio programming is a "black box". Why? Because it cannot be characterized like finance or sales, it is pure magic. The ART reveals feel and flow - this is very important in terms of your music. In our consulting practice the artistic part in music scheduling comes AFTER the technical / statistical routine - namely applying science. How about adapt ourselves to your current practice and show you how you can do your job more effective and efficient? We do not want to constrain obligatory methods - the result matters.

When both attribute set right you will be able to win easier. Nevertheless if you think that better music alone makes you win, you will fail. Anyone can out-music you anytime. Eat this.

Some music formats we love to consult to
AC / Soft AC / Top40 / CHR / Hot AC & Co

Music Schedulers we are fluent: PowerGold, MusicMaster, RCS Selector. These are respected TradeMarks. Believe or not our Selector Consultant Team knows where to click in G Selector Family and have seen Classic DOS based 12+ versions, too... ;-)

Some CHR/Top40 considerations

Music industry is a seasonal business. We believe that this should not disturb your station's overall performance. Do you know why your music people were so nervous in February? The lack of good hits causes this phenomenon. Weak music in TOP40 & CHR slides listenership and brings in trouble. Then comes the burn factor. Smart Music Programmers plan this well ahead and form their music rotation / clock structure accordingly. We show you numerous music tactics worked in our Programming Knowledge Base for MusicMaster, PowerGold and Selector. Of course we apply these settings into your scheduler / music database if you send us a backup.

Happy programming!
The Radio Consulting Network Music Team: Selector Consultants, Musicmaster Consultants and Powergold Consultants.
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