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Actually we have the honour working together with the most terrific Clients. Sometimes it is a situation when just a little help needed for You to the total success. Or the opposite: your market is THE BIG CHALLENGE to us. We love You all.

On radio consulting experience

Our initial chat [with the OWNER(s)] will include a simple question: what do you want to achieve? What IS your primary goal? Your answer will determine our approach and used practice. Let me explain, if You want POWER [dominate the market, be a star CEO, etc] you need other warfare of us than You - like the great majority of our Clients - want to make MONEY for example.
Sometimes just a little help pushes you through the tipping point. When the basics are failing, one can improve the station with nuances. These small changes that do not demand exceptional resources can result immediate extraordinary positive results.

As a broadcast consulting company we are operating in the so called 'art of excellence' area. You must have heard the "rumor" that the difference between Coca Cola and Pepsi from organizational effectiveness point of view was 2% around the Millennium - one is world leading brand the other has been considered as second.
RCN provides the 2%. Sometimes even more. Lot more.

Are you headed to the right direction?

On the right path? Perhaps you do not. Maybe you just believe it or walk instead of run. As an Owner you might feel that your radio business should perform better [free hint: look into your purse!]. As a CEO you know that something is wrong. At least you should do. Anyhow if you realized that your strategy, format or delivery does not work - namely your results are not really reflecting your expectations - you can do several things: losers try to explain why they do not perform while loser Owners & Boards believe this crap. Maybe some correction takes place for a show over time - fire the receptionist, design a new logo for a fortune or similar. The Winner cries for help.

Are you wise enough to see your own radio station with honestly critical approach?

The more you run in the wrong direction the harder to get back to the right track. Some stations struggling for years before yell for help nevertheless in some markets even a couple months' mistake makes disastrous situation that ends tragic. Moreover what you have been losing so far you cannot make up ever. You-know-what happens.

Want to solve it on your own? We always pray for such a competitor to our Clients. Certainly it is not a must to hire a media advisor but at least you should aware that there is help available. Use the right tools to speed up the money making process and spare time. A good radio consultant offers these benefits. On the other hand we are here to help you to find the right radio people - whom you can rely on. Incompetent or lazy programmers can ruin your business in no time. Who will point them out? Will You? You hired them actually... Be advised believing in market gossip usually misleads you so I am afraid, that is definitely not exactly the right way of selection. Just a hint: evaluate how long it did take the candidate to make a station successful? Do You think you have time for that? Choose sagely You might have the last chance now.

We have no money to hire a Consultant!
Oh, I see. Have you thought about WHY you cannot afford this service? Revenue issues, listenership, business is struggling. Our primary intention is to fix these. Re-evaluate your situation, please!

We do not need help!
We always pray for such enemies. Carry on! :)

Share best practice - think global, act local! Really.

A good Radio Programming Consultant must concentrate on local market issues and listen to the Client first - or say "Sorry can't help". As a PD & Co I have never heard this from any Consultant - except once. I like Him from that on.


Yes we can live with that. By default all of our Consulting Services are classified. Most cases Clients ask us to handle them confidentially since no one has anything to do with our relationship. It is up to you if you want to commerce the Radio Consultancy behind you or not however by default usually we mutually agree on keeping us in the background. In return we do not give advice to any other Clients active in your market of course.

We do not help just because you pay the most

We work for some of the largest players - usually in mutual confidentiality in the background, so we can help others almost voluntary. Nice, huh? Of course the keyword is not the almost but the HELP.
In some markets our primary goal is simply beat the other guy's consultant company, just over-smart them - this is our hobby. If you're lucky You operate in one of these areas, just give yourself up.

In case you believe or feel that somehow we are unable to cooperate officially - however we can not really imagine this - just drop us a mail with your issue, any hint can be free and at least we get to know each other. If you have questions on radio programming, music scheduling or best practice or similar feel free to contact us, we do our best get our Charming Smile Department to answer You.

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Happy programming!
The Radio Consulting Network Team

Radio consultancy mission statement

As a Radio Consultant Network our primary goal is provide high quality programming and media management consulting service to support your organisation - above all. Understandably this is a Club like a shoot: it is impossible to help everyone who's in need so we are serving only a limited number of Clients in the same time; please accept it. Moreover if we work(ed) in a market we won't compete with ourselves: Client has [market] exclusivity. Anyhow read on our Radio Consulting Practice if you feel like.

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