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"We've been hearing the What, but have no clue on How!"

As RadioDays Europe and WorldWide Radio Summit is proving radio professionals keen on finding the Holy Grail of successful radio. They are uncertain they do not trust 100% in themselves nowadays. They are afraid of both the future of the radio industry itself and the even more fierce competition. Maybe the Other Guys know something... Yes, we do. Add the 2%. Remember.

The greatest mistake is to carbon copy what others do. Usually this will not work due to unique market characteristics. Optimally they do what their strengths & resources allows them. Do you have the same utilities? No you do not. Consulting is not just sharing ideas, if you want that hit Google, find what others do, that's all. However we tell you the HOW. Taylor made to Your unique staff. Remember the magic 2% what can make you a market leader brand! Simply re-enact something what you hear does not work usually.

Use all channels you can identify to get to your listeners. If you do not your competitor will. Yes, extra efforts full of uncertainties. You do not know How to begin. The competitor may not know either so just start and formulate to your best. Be available and then unique.
Listeners come one by one - and go by flock. Grab them while you can. Trust yourself, trust the program you provide and show it proudly. While you play shy the product will not be better.

Not just programming "strategy and tactics" crap

We proudly dig into the everyday practice. Help you to deal with music scheduling rotations, creative content, broadcast processor setup [we're fluent in Orban and Omnia], configure some Wowza Media Server or deal with IT issues and so on. This is not far from us: we practice it every day [OK, almost every day]. We help but do not feed the monkey.

Target audience - over-deliver the expectations

Whoa - useless managerial blurb again! Sure. Have no idea even on their current expectations, huh? Not talking about beliefs list what you know! Do not worry we know how to retrieve this info very fast. This is just an example to show you that there are a lot of areas a good radio consultant can help You out with pretty fast. And we have not even mentioned the HOWs and dozens of other important consulting domains. Want to race against us or ask for supporting You?

Be a good girl or I'll take away the whip

Be creative in delivering your message to cut through. Not just do the homework as yesterday, make a twist to be unique and memorable! Oh, by the way, a weapon called innovation is quite useful, too and simpler than you might think. Innovation is not - as many people believe - synonymous with invention: you do not have to create something mind-blowing and entirely new. Often, innovation simply means making incremental improvements to something that already exists and frequently that is accomplished by borrowing and adapting an idea or technology or approach from another field altogether. We support and keen on creating such environment and company culture that helps to integrate these powerful tools into your successful business model.

Financial Consulting for media businesses

We've seen several companies struggling with the downturn while their cost management have "some" reserves. Optimizing [NOT minimizing!] costs is an ongoing ambition independent on the size of any enterprise. Nevertheless if You operate 108 stations in 17 states/areas the economy of scale comes to picture, somehow - doesn't it? :) And we are good at it. Please note, this service currently available only in the European Union.

Other areas of our mass media consultancy practice

Broadcast consulting and revise startup projects
We share our ideas on what would serve best Your station: console, playout system, music scheduler, etc. We've seen several things work like a charm, and others what do not really. We have a model agency like assistant group with charming smile - oh I'm afraid we do not share them :)

Web presence
Sometimes it is free to consult us: we look at your homepage and make suggestions on improvement opportunities. In case we have free resources we give You a direct helping hand even in coding the station page to perform better. Try it, who knows.

We should write here about some actual buzzwords like Social Media Specialist or Social Media Expert and Co, but that's not a distinctive factor today - that is a must.

Happy programming!
The Radio Consulting Network Team
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Radio consultancy mission statement

As a Radio Consultant Network our primary goal is provide high quality programming and media management consulting service to support your organisation - above all. Understandably this is a Club like a shoot: it is impossible to help everyone who's in need so we are serving only a limited number of Clients in the same time; please accept it. Moreover if we work(ed) in a market we won't compete with ourselves: Client has [market] exclusivity. Anyhow read on our Radio Consulting Practice if you feel like.

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